Free international transfer

Free transfer is a simple, fast and secure international payment solution. It allows you to send or receive funds very quickly to or from abroad.

Documentary remittance

Documentary remittance is a secure means of payment by which the seller has the transport and possibly insurance documents drawn up, payable to his bank. The latter is responsible for delivering the documents to the buyer only against payment, acceptance or endorsement of a bill of exchange.

Documentary credit

The documentary credit is a very secure means of payment. This is an operation by which the bank undertakes, on behalf of its client’s imports, to pay the amount of the export to its supplier, within a specified period, against delivery of documents strictly in accordance with the terms of the credit.

International guarantees

The commitment that the bank (the guarantor) delivers is a personal guarantee by which it undertakes to pay on behalf of its selling or buying client (the principal) a determined percentage of the commercial contract, which will allow the buyer or seller (the beneficiary) to be compensated in the event of default by the principal.

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