Do you want to make your excess cash profitable with a flexible and liquid investment? With the term deposit of Fransabank El Djazaïr, grow your capital with complete peace of mind.

Whether you are an individual or a company, the Fransabank EL Djazaïr Term Deposit offers you the flexibility to invest your money for the period that suits you.

What is a term deposit (DAT)?

When subscribing to a term deposit account, the customer undertakes to make available to his bank a defined amount during an agreed period. In return, he receives interest based on the duration and amount of his investment.

Term deposits can be made in DZD or in foreign currencies.

Invest your money and benefit from many advantages:

  • Stability and security: capital and interest are guaranteed, in accordance with the regulations in force.
  • Peace of mind: regardless of the behavior of the money market, the final return is known from the outset by applying an attractive fixed interest rate.
  • Preferential treatment: Possibility of negotiating the rate of remuneration according to the amount invested and the duration of the investment.
  • Predictable income: You can plan your budget thanks to the payment of regular income.
  • Availability: Possibility of withdrawing the sums invested before maturity, according to the contractual terms.
  • Investment: Businesses/professionals can use their DATs as collateral to obtain a loan or an overdraft, subject to meeting credit requirements.
  • Free: Subscribing to a DAT does not involve any costs; neither at subscription, nor at maturity of the BDC, nor during the life of the contract.
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