Khebarni informs you instantly of the movements made on your account thanks to SMS alerts.

What advantages!

  • Real-time information: MobiBank will keep you informed of all transactions on your accounts.
  • A permanent service: Constant monitoring of your finances wherever you are.
  • Your bank in your pocket: Easy access to your bank details at your convenience.


Khebarni gives you the opportunity to receive:

  • SMS Balance and Mini statement: These are regular alerts that give you the balance of your account as well as the last transaction recorded.
  • SMS Threshold: It consists of receiving an instant alert when your balance exceeds, upwards or downwards, a threshold defined in advance by you.
  • SMS Alert movements: These are alerts mentioning the proper execution of your debit and credit operations.
  • SMS Checkbook: It informs you when your checkbook is available from your branch.
  • SMS Card: It notifies you when your bank card is available at your branch.
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